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Best Friends

They say a dog is man's best friend . . .
and that diamonds are a girl's best friend . . .
but a SaeSi Whippet's best friend is the family jewels.




These cozy poses are brought to you by SaeSi Kennels,
The top two shots capture SaeSha (Am/UKC Ch SaeSi Wpndr Ov'rnyt Sensation (MultiBreed/Grp Winner) getting comfy with her brother Choice (UKC Ch SaeSi Whpndr Pick Me Tonight, CR (AKC maj ptd). (Note Choice's grin.)
photo: Mary Magee
Next we see Corky Lee (MeLan SaeSi Tattoo Me) proudly displaying his "kibbles 'n bits" to his lovely cousin Rinna (WildAbout SaeSi Snow Devil). But no matter how he begs, the aristocratic Rinna refuses to rub sunscreen on his tender parts.
photo: Ellen Pehek
Not to be left out in the cold, Zeppelin (WildAbout SaeSi Petty Gossip JC, CRXII, OTRM, SR) feels the love with his brother Syd (WildAbout SaeSi Mr Syd Barrett CR, OTR).
photo: Annie Kelsey
The little ones learn early. At eight weeks, Lips (SaeSi Talk Too Much at Delphi) and her brother Graffiti (SaeSi Talk on T'Wall at MeLan) demonstrate the fact that they do not need separate rooms, this small one is just fine, thanks.
photo: Ellie Stone