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This is Otto the Boxermutt.  We got him when Sly, our greyhound, was five years old but acting much older.  Otto was relentless in  his attempts to play with Sly, who was definitely not interested...for about a week.  Then he must have decided "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and the games went on for another five years.


Otto was an incredible asset to our family.  He rarely barked, and only when a strange man approached the house.  He has stood patiently while little girls laid Barbie clothes along his back.  His neutered-uncle status made him the perfect backyard protector for a little whippet girl in season.  He got along with other dogs, although they tend to be a bit intimidated at first.  (He weighed in at about 85 lbs.and had the Boxer exuberance.) 


Otto left us with a hole in our hearts and home on June 1, 2006.  He would have turned 14 at the end of the month.  I had been telling our kids for three years that he probably won't be with us much longer.  They didn't believe me.  He lived for another two years after having mast cell tumor removed and he had little-old-man-rear, but he defied the odds.  We will always miss his solid, gentle presence.


This is Bubba,

Ch. Kenle's Like Freedom Feels

.  He was placed with us as a Juniors dog for my daughter, who was too small to lift a Whippet on and off the table.  Bubba is a happy little clown at home, but wasn't too happy about coming out of retirement to re-enter the showring.  Meanwhile the daughter is hurtling toward adolescence and has lost interest in dog shows--hopefully that condition is only temporary! 


Bubba is a fun addition to our dog family.  He is keenly intersted in whatever we're doing--if I'm making the bed or doing dishes, if my husband is working on plumbing or fixing gutters, Bubba is there.  He follows us, not because he's needy or clingy, but because he seems to be taking notes, just in case one day he has to clean gutters or load the dishwasher.  (And if he ever learns to do those things you'll hear about it!)