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2005 Litter

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2005 Litter

The "Tattoo" litter:
SaeSi Whpndr Pick Me Tonight, CR [AKC maj ptd]
ex SaeSi's Tattooed Dancer, CR [AKC ptd])  

Born Thanksgiving Day--November 24, 2005

Breeders: Linda & Mike Stone & Mary Magee



Our first litter at four weeks: Buzz, Corky Lee, Beren, Inki and Tango.  

Three generations of girls: PhaseYa, Lydia and Tango

Beren, our California boy

Inki enjoying the autumn leaves

At left:
MeLan SaeSi Tattoo You
MeLan SaeSi Tattoo Me
SaeSi MeLan Pick My Tattoo
MeLan SaeSi I Tattoo Nights
SaeSi MeLan Choice Tattoo

Corky Lee around his first birthday

Inki, Buzz, Daddy Choice & Tango

Ellie and Inki

chris buzz apr 06 7.jpg
Buzz at race practice

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