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This is Hayley, our first whippet.  Hayley was born in 1996 and we got her when she was just over a year.  She doesn't look it, but this is our wild child!  Even still  she's as bouncy and energetic as ever (emphasis on "bouncy.")   Hayley ended up in rescue after being bought out of a puppy mill.  Her new owners said she didn't like to be crated, so they confined her in the bathroom.  She remodeled it for them.  (As a result, the tips of her canine teeth are broken off--that was some remodeling job!)  When the people divorced, neither of them wanted  her and took her to the vet to be put down.  The vet instead sent her to a foster home and we heard about her shortly after.  Mike and I drove through the aftermath of a snowstorm with downed power lines everywhere to pick her up.  She bounced into the house, bounced on and off every piece of furniture till she found the most comfy one, and settled into her new place.  Crate training was a matter of treats and common sense. 



This is Lydia--SaeSi's Tattooed Dancer, CR.  After we'd had Hayley awhile we knew we wanted another whippet, but took the time to wait for just the right one.  Lydia is perfect for us!  Sweet, calm, gentle and smart, she's always ready to run, take a nap, or anything in between.

Lydia (#6) running in an MWRA meet
photo: Chris Kokaisel

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